We are starting a new CD project called Chronicles of Worship. Many have asked me over the years for an instrumental CD of my music, please support us and the musicians that are joining us in this project to bring the music of Heaven to earth! We have great rewards for each tier of your support, so please join us in this venture. And please share with your circle of friends to help us get the word out. We are in our final week of the Kickstarter Funding Project, which is an all or nothing funding project. We will complete this project in excellence but we wanted to extend an invitation to our friends to join us in this venture. For those of you who always wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself, this is your time. Or for those who always wanted to play an instrument or sing, this is an opportunity to sow into a Kingdom vehicle that will impact many and sow into the Glory realm in our area! Historically, the offerings of the people supported the priesthood ministry, so that the priests could minister directly to the Lord, and when you sow, you are supporting this worshiping priesthood as they minister to the Lord! Thank you for your support!


Paul and Raelynn Parkin
Bride Song Ministries