Man of Honor Prophet Kim Clement


Man of Honor… A Tribute to Kim Clement

Written by Raelynn Parkin, September 2001

Man of Honor, Man of Strength

Living in the arms of His Savior

Taken by hand, carving the path

Laying his life down for the nations

Heart of a servant, love for all

Crying the tears of His Savior

Dead to this life, but alive in Christ

Living out the Gospel before Heaven

We stand in Honor of this General

Who has risen to the Call of His Father

Counting the cost, trading his life

To capture the pearl of Great Price.

My friends, I feel a profound loss today, in the loss of Prophet Kim Clement. Though he did not know me, I knew him. In June 1999, when I was fresh coming out of my traditional background, a new friend of mine brought me to Quail Valley Church to a Kim Clement worship service. I didn’t even know who he was, but my heart was stirred, and I was undone. He got off the piano, and he came to the front and very strongly asked if there was anyone who wanted what he carried to come up front. I didn’t even know what he was really saying, but I ran up to the front, my husband was a bit shocked. And he laid hands on me and imparted to me a great gift. I have not yet fully unwrapped that gift, but I am grateful to have received it. It was like a father bestowing his blessing upon the sons and daughters. Please forgive, I don’t normally go on like this, but I wanted to pause with a thankful heart for the beautiful prophetic deposit he gave me, and to honor this spiritual father who has gone on to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I know he has lived a difficult life and carved a lonely path at times, but I thank the Lord for this pioneer of Prophecy who selflessly laid down his life for the nations. God Bless you Kim Clement, much Peace and Love to your family and friends in their time of loss, and thank you…

Raelynn Parkin