Worship Houston! October 21st, 2016

Worship Houston Project


October 21st, 2016 at 7pm, Worship Houston Live Streaming worship event!

Where? All the Gates of Houston and all the participating Churches and Home Ministries in the Houston area and surrounding cities! The entire region of Houston, Texas!

Calling all worshipers and intercessors to the City Gates of Houston and to the Gate Churches and Host Churches and Ministries of Houston and surrounding areas! The Worship Houston Project is a dream that is coming alive in Houston! The Lord has been unveiling the revelation of the Gates and the incredible breakthrough that is coming into the City of Houston and the entire region through an unprecedented worship event, One Voice released as the Voice of Many Waters on Earth, as it is in Heaven! The Voice of Houston released through many voices coming together in worship, with no other plan, than to open the City Gates of Houston, Texas that the King of Glory may enter in and take His Seat of honor, the highest place in Houston, Texas.

This also corresponds to the Feast of Tabernacles, and is two days before the High Holy Day that concludes the Feast of Tabernacles this year! The tradition that accompanies the celebration of this Holy Scriptural Feast, is that the people would prepare a booth in which to worship! The Feast of Tabernacles was also known as the Feast of the Ingathering referring to the Harvest (Lev. 23:39, Ex. 23:16, Ex. 34:22), the Feast of Booths (Sukkot), when Israel dwelled in the wilderness in these booths, and is later singled out from all other feasts as the Feast or the Feast of the Lord ( Jehovah). This feast is believed by many to be the only feast not yet fulfilled and the one that is the culmination of all the other feasts as well as the Great Harvest of all people and nations, also known as the Feast of the Gentile Nations. Houston is a city of all peoples and all nations! This is also a year of Jubilee!

This will be a live streaming event as we cooperate in unity to launch this unprecedented worship event called the Worship Houston Project. First, go to www.worshiphouston.org or to Facebook.com/worshiphouston page to read the vision and receive the revelation of the Gates of Houston.

Next, go to our Facebook page (Worship Houston) and let us know that you are in! Please post the worship leader and pastor of your church for your worship event or the Lead worshipper and Facilitator of your Ministry or Home Group event.

Next, begin to announce to your church and to your ministry group your participation in this Worship event, and prepare your people to attend as well as prepare your worshippers for their worship service!

Please call your sister churches and churches in your community and affiliation and help them connect to the vision and participate as well. Believers, call your pastors and ministry and worship leaders and let them know and get connected to this massive Worship event in your area!

Prepare your hearts in prayer, bathe your Worship Houston event in your church and in the Houston area.

We will list all of the churches participating in Facebook and on the worshiphouston.org website, so that the communities can come out to your locations and worship with you!

Friday, October 21st at 6:30pm, begin to check into to Facebook, Worship Houston and to your church and home sites and begin to stream your worship event through Facebook, periscope live or record your service to post to YouTube or any other streaming service. We want to not only document this worship event, in the attendance of the participating churches and ministries and people of our city and region. The vision and the mission of the Worship Houston Project is also to release a Sound and a worship in Houston that allows Heaven to be released in the earth and the Shekinah Glory of God to find Houston as a Habitation and a Lighthouse to America! We want to see the prophetic Destiny of Houston be fulfilled not through one voice, but through many voices and to release the Clarion Call of Houston and its people to this nation and to the world, to let the Light of His Glory so resonate in Houston, and to send forth that Light to dispel the darkness that is trying to invade our cities, communities, our nation and our world! This is the Hour for the Church to Arise, to no longer be silent, but to be heard, and that the Holy Spirit will be released as in Joel 2 and as in Acts upon all flesh, every man, woman, and child!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come!”

Anyone who wants to help us get the word out, please connect with me at bridesong.raelynn@gmail.com and we will find your place to serve in this massive endeavor!

See you at Worship Houston!

Raelynn Parkin

Bride Song Ministries, Worship Houston Project founder



Facebook.com /Bride Song Ministries page or group, join us for the conversation

Facebook.com/Worship Houston page or group, join us for the conversation

We will be at the North Gate Venue, streaming live at 11729 Spring Cypress Rd W, Tomball, Tx 77377! Join us if you are in the area and share with your friends!