About Bride Song Ministries


The Lord’s Bridal Company, Featuring Raelynn Parkin, Bride Song Ministries

About Bride Song Ministries

Raelynn Parkin is cofounder of Bride Song Ministries with her husband Paul Parkin birthed in 2003. Raelynn is an ordained Worship Leader, Psalmist, Prophetic Teacher, Author, Speaker, Composer, Singer/Pianist, Recording Artist, as well as a mother of four children. Her mission is to Prepare the Heart of the Bride for the Return of the King through Worship and Teaching. Her vision is to raise up, equip and train the worshipping priesthood to carry the Glory resulting in the Glory of the Latter House being fully manifested in the Church Today! She has authored four books, “Lessons From One Worship Leader to Another,” “Unlocking Worship Entering His Presence,” “The Heavenly Worship Room,” and “Conversations Bride Songs and Psalms to the King.” (Available at Amazon.com) she has also recorded 3 Studio CDs, “Resurrection,” “Out of the Secret Place,” and “Bride Songs A Lady and Her King.” Her live recorded CDs include, “A Night of Glorious Encounters,” “The Lord’s Bridal Company, Vol.1,” “The Lord’s Bridal Company, Vol. 2,” and “Arise My Church Arise,” from her Summer Worship Tour in Houston, Tx, 2011.  You can sample/download her original music from her recording projects at http://www.raelynnparkin.com or visit her YouTube Worship Channel at BrideSongMinistries1 or hear Radio AirPlay at Jango.com. You can also visit her Facebook page Bride Song Ministries for events, teachings and encouragement!

See you in the Throne Room,

Dr. Raelynn S. Parkin



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