Chronicles of Worship Kickstarter Funding Project

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We are so excited to not only republish our book, “The Heavenly Worship Room, ” but we have launched our Kickstarter Funding Project to record the worship in this incredible collection of spontaneous prophetic worship! We have invited our worship friends to join us with sounds of trumpets, sax, guitars, violin, viola, bass, flutes, and piano to see the Tabernacle of David restored and come to life! We want to honor the worshiping priesthood in Houston, Texas, and you can join us through the Kickstarter Funding Project! This is an all or nothing funding vehicle and we are day 11 of 21 days! Please visit the Chronicles of Worship Project Page, there are wonderful tier rewards for you to enjoy! Support Kickstarter Funding Project 


Chronicles of Worship 

Chronicles of Worship is an 8 CD music recording project, based on the recently republished book “The Heavenly Worship Room” by Dr. Raelynn Parkin of Bride Song Ministries. Started by Paul and Raelynn Parkin in 2003, Bride Song Ministries’ mission is to help lead the body of Christ into deeper, healing and inspiring worship through teachings, music, and intimate worship events.

Ministering in the greater Houston area for more than 20 years, Dr. Raelynn Parkin has led worship at many events whose attendance spans the richly diverse landscape of the body of Christ that is the church in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas. In that time, Raelynn has authored several books and completed many recording projects, all of which, focus on helping us attain a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through worship.

Thank you so much for contributing to this project. We are so excited that with your help, we will be able to pay for studio time, honor all contributing musicians, and produce a beautiful 8 CD musical masterpiece which we know will fill your home, work place, car or wherever, with the music of Heaven.” – God Bless, Dr. Raelynn Parkin

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