the vision of the Heavenly Worship Room

Worship Houston! Project

The Worship Houston Project is a dream, a God inspired dream I have carried for many years. It was birthed with the clarion call from Houston, Tx in June 2000, called “Arise My Church Arise!” Worship was the very reason Moses was given to deliver the Israelites…”Let my people go so they may worship Me (the One True God)…” Exodus 8:1 Worship is the great unifier of the Church of Jesus Christ, for He is the Head and we are His Body! Worship on Earth…as it is in Heaven! There are many facets to the Worship Houston Project, most of all to see the Complete Prophetic Destiny of Houston come to fruition, that Houston be the Lighthouse to the nations, and for Revival, Renewal, and Resurrection fully realized in every Church, Community, Street, Home, and Region in Houston! This is a Tall Order and will only happen through the People of God rising up together in complete unity and by Faith! With every move of God, there is a sound which accompanies its revival, one birthed from the ground up, from the Plantings of the Lord, not exported from other revivals or areas! That is why this is timely and significant, that this unity within the Houston area is fully realized from the Chuch that is in Houston, regardless of denomination, through the networking and full cooperation of the Body of Christ! The initial phase of this massive undertaking is the provision for the Vision. To participate in this phase, go to:
Also, please share by Facebook and other means in your spheres of influence, and most of all please pray for this project and consider how you would like to partner with us in the other aspects of Worship Houston.

Other facets that will follow…
1) Organization for the structure and administration, as well as website and documentation of this project.
2) Networking to bring unity to the Churches, through Pastor and Ministry Leaders breakfasts and events, establishing a Council of Pastors and Ministry Leaders.
3) Empowering and Equipping the Worshipping Priesthood within the Houston area, through teaching and worship events around Houston. Unifying the Worshiping segment of Houston!
4) Establishing Gate Churches and Host Churches around the Houston area to facilitate Worship and Prayer Vigils and other events.
5) Equip And empower worship leaders and Worship teams to carry the Glory of God and release the Sound that accompanies this Revival and Renewal of our region.
6) Unite the Intercessory prayer teams in Houston to accompany and undergird the Worship Houston Project.
7) To facilitate this prototype of Regional Worship and to see it go to the other regions in Texas, in America, and to the nations.
8) To operate in the full governing under apostolic order, and realizing the full five fold ministries cooperate together!
9) To embrace the 100 year prophetic destiny of Houston and to fully realize the promise of God for ur Region!

See you in the Throne Room!
Worship on earth…as it is in Heaven!
Dr. Raelynn S. Parkin
Cofounder with Paul Parkin, Bride Song Ministries
Founder of Worship Houston Project