The Lord’s Bridal Company

Vision of The Lord’s Bridal Company

The Lord had given me a phrase about four years ago, “The Lord’s Bridal Company,” of which I named our first recorded worship night in March 2007 (Vol. 1). There are several meanings to this name. The first and most obvious is the Bridal Company, which are the attendants who will assist and minister and prepare the Bride for her wedding day. As we worship with the Bride Songs, we are assisting and ministering to the Bride of Christ, that she may be presented to her King. ( I believe that what happened this night, January 27th, 2011, was not just for the Bride that was present but also as Bridal intercession for the city and the region and the nation.) The Bridegroom has his attendants, as well, they are angels. I believe that we as the Bridal Company, as well as the King and his attendants , His Angels, were present at this incredible night of intense worship.

The second meaning of this phrase is found in 1 and 2 Kings in numerous verses, referring to a company of prophets. That is who we are, and what we will do as a company of prophets: prophesy the Bride Songs spontaneously. These are incredible spontaneous moments captured in the anointing and Intense Presence of the Lord.

The third meaning is as an army, a fighting force. But this is not just a company of soldiers, but a company of generals, as in a coming together for strategy and mutual honor to win not just the battle, but to bring about the kingdom of the Prince of Peace, and Righteousness, the King of Glory.

But most of all, we are a prophetic worshipping priesthood that will enter the river and stand the ground as the congregation crosses over (Joshua 3 – 4) This was a Holy Night, honored by the Father, and scripturally grounded in the Word. So let us go forth together in the Confidence of our King and worship Him like never before..

Chronicles of Worship features The Lord’s Bridal Company in an eight worship CD Series of The Tabernacle of David Experience! Chronicles of Worship assembles the Worshiping Priesthood in Houston, Texas to prophesy in spontaneous worship in this collection of praise and worship! It was a great honor, to worship and record this music during the Feast of Tabernacles 2017 for the first time ever, of which The Heavenly Worship Room was conceived, thirteen years previously.  It is an honor to worship with these Prophetic Priestly Kings and to stand in the Breech with them and to see the Tabernacle of David fulfilled and restored in the earth (Amos 9:11)